Green has never sounded so good as Auluxe bring eco-friendly speakers to the UK

London, UK, June 2010: Auluxe Audio offer the best in aesthetically designed audio equipment. Preferring to use natural materials in their products, Auluxe Audio aims to combine sustainable luxury with innovative thinking to produce truly unique speakers.

Made with brushed metal and smooth wood, Auluxe speakers have been designed to create a feel of elegant opulence. From bold, art-deco to nostalgic retro, these are speakers made to stand out from the crowd.

Auluxe is dedicated to not only supplying top quality audio equipment, but to ensuring the environmental impact in doing so is as small as possible. From the design stage to the manufacturing and distribution, Auluxe looks to reduce waste and identify possible eco-hazards, pursuing a strict green policy throughout, from environmental awareness seminars for staff to hallogen free office air conditioners.

Not only does Auluxe comply with all legislated restrictions of hazardous substances, it goes beyond simple observance and implements a systematic approach to identifying possible threats to human safety and the environment. Where a material, substance or process is seen to be harmful or potentially harmful, Auluxe will endeavour to phase out or refuse to use the threatening factor. Auluxe is committed to this vigilance, not only in the prevention of ecological harm but in finding new ways to lessen the brand’s environmental impact.

Auluxe uses a ‘return to nature policy’ when selecting materials, preferring to use recycled materials wherever possible in the construction, packaging and documentation stages, as well as upstream business activities in marketing and sales. The brand’s aim is for the total recycling of all substances and components, and at all Auluxe manufacturing and supply locations, left-over materials are collected and returned to the supplier for re-use. Auluxe insists that all materials pass a rigorous selection process, involving strict environmental criteria, common sense and a mandatory chemical analysis to assess any possible threat.

Reflected throughout their product range their chic, petite speakers are designed to be kinder to the environment due to their smaller dimensions by offering a comparatively low energy output without compromising on sound.

But the green policy doesn’t stop at home, as Auluxe encourages all of its participating partners and related companies to pursue green targets, from reducing carbon-dioxide to making efficiency reviews across the board. All of Auluxe global manufacturing plants have passed OHSAS 18001 certification, the latest certification specification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

So for the best in audio software with a clear environmental conscience, look no further than Auluxe. Visit to check out their fantastic range of products and view their green policy.

“Auluxe” is derived from the words “Audio” and “Luxury”, with combined concepts of natural aesthetic and true sound. Our company logo is a composition of three concentric circles, symbolizing diffusing soundwaves, showing a caring and loving heart to our people and our world. The company is established in July, 2007 by long standing audio industry members with passion and persistence in pure audio performance, who decided to form a new company, ‘Auluxe’, to create the unique value of conveying true sound, and back-to-nature simple lifestyle. The founders of Auluxe have a vision to design a unique product range with a fresh mission: a speaker range that sets new paradigms of luxury and quality in the speaker world; a series of audio products with distinguished handcraftsmanship that blend in one’s home d├ęcor; exclusive audio performance in becoming one’s soul mate.