The abolition of cash by law

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

euro_coins_and_banknotes_3The creeping incremental and subtle abolition of cash in business transactions, purchases of all kinds, etc., is another nail in the coffin of personal freedoms of citizens across the EU (and elsewhere).

Already in 2015 London Transport abolished cash on their buses and slowly but stealthily this is advancing towards other sectors as well.

Cash and cash transactions is one part of our private sphere that government is unable to control, supervision and surveillance. But even this final part of freedom shall now be taken away from the people under the guise of reasons of security and prevention of terrorism. The aim is a cashless society.

The government arguments for this scheme is that cash is only import for criminals to keep their evil deeds secret. Other arguments are flight of capital, tax evasion and moonlighting, black labor, black economy and illegal employment, as well as terrorism.

But in all honesty all this is about is total control over money and people as using payment cards means that every transactions we make can be tracked down to the location where we purchased something, the product, the price we paid for it, and more. Some countries of the European Union have already set limits for cash transactions including the UK, where, theoretically, if you pay in cash with more than a thousand Pounds the police will be called and if you want too withdraw sums of that or above from your bank you will require a good reason, in writing.

The abolition of case use in any and all transactions, as is, obviously, part of the plan, will impact on small businesses and especially market traders, craftspeople and such like, but then again this may just be one of the reasons for this step; to destroy small independent businesses who cannot afford to use the services of the card handlers.

The abolition of cash and cash transactions will not bring more security for the people, the citizens of the countries, but will, for certain, be the death-nail for the freedom of the people and of entrepreneurs.

If one would put one's tinfoil hat on then one might think that the destruction of small independent businesses and of market traders and craftspeople who rely on cash transactions, may just be the reason for this move. I am just saying if one would use such a head covering.

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