Lidl FLORABEST Pruning Saw – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Thurs 05-05-2016 Pruning Saw_page1_image3The Lidl FLORABEST Pruning Saw is a good quality 34cm curved crosscut carbon steel saw blade with triple-ground teeth, perfect for hard or green wood, though it is best used for green wood, as in woodland management/coppicing and tree pruning.

It comes with a practical belt sheath, but only if you happen to be left-handed, and here I have already put in the major caveat and that is that it is rather unpractical for a right-handed user, though one can live with that, with some practice.

Having said the above negative, however, the saw, as a saw works well and has been tested in woodland management and coppicing operations and performs close to, if not almost equal, to Silky saws that cost more than ten times as much as this saw.

The blade is etched with a company name of Owin Gmbh & Co Kg based in Germany though it cannot be ascertained as to whether that means that this is the maker or just that this saw is made for them who then distribute to and through Lidl. I would assume it to be the latter. But then, again, that is neither here not there.

Lidl product code: 33287 (?)

Price £4.99 each

Please note that those products are “special buys” and only available now and then at this discounter.

Rating: 4 out of 5 and the loss of the one point has nothing to do with the cutting ability, price or the quality of the saw but all with the fact that the sheath draws left-handed.

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