Google, the new guarding of the truth?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Google_2015_logoFrom now on Google decides what is true and what not. Search engine will rank results according to truth

According to the people in Mountain View, that is to say Google, the search engine will from now one be the judge as to what is true and what is not and will filter results more according to truth. So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, about everything.

According to a “scientific” essay that has been published by the software developers of Google instead of popularity of a link henceforth quality of information and truth in such information shall be the governing factor of placement in the search results.

The aim is to separate populist information from those based on science and truth. To this end Google is presently developing in his research laboratories a new search algorithm with the name “Knowledge Vault” which shall be capable to recognize false information and through a points system place websites with correct information and facts higher in the list of results. The reference database “Knowledge Vault which, according to Google, is the world's greatest database of “true fact” that is being used to determine what is truth and what is not lo and behold, has also been set up by Google itself.

Thus, Google is putting itself ultimately in charge of online truth, having both developed the database and the algorithms that will be used to filter results according to what the database says is true.

This will mean, in the end, that websites the contents of which Google, as it owns both of the systems, decides to not be true are ranked at the bottom of the list (or not at all) and thus anything that might not be agreed by governments and Google to be true will not be seen by Internet users.

The search engine currently relies on a system that ranks websites based on how many times the page has been linked to which means that even information considered fake by Google and the elite has a way of making it up the chain of search results.

When this new system goes active we can almost be certain that any so-called conspiracy theories, whether on 9/11 or other issues, will be filtered out and only the official truth will be presented to those that search for information on the worldwide web. Can you say “censorship”?

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