Fiskars Xtract Garden Saw SW75 – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

fiskars-xtract-garden-saw-l-sw75-1000614Fiskars XtractTM Garden Saw SW75 is a highly efficient tree saw designed to cut fresh wood. This is the largest of Fiskar Xtract saws and has a blade length of 255 mm with a large sawing capacity up to 120mm. The design features a handy belt clip which retracts when in use while the SoftGripTM handle ensures a safe grip. There is also a finger guard which protects fingers from sliding to the blade part during sawing. Its highly sharp blade cuts on the pull stroke as, I would have to add, do all those kind of pruning saws which are based on a Japanese design.

As far as the handy belt clip is concerned I am not all that sure about the handy part as, when attaching it to the belt loops of my jeans, it rather sticks out a little from the side and thus creating a hanger into which the clip can be hooked for one's belt might be a better choice.

Overall length is about 56cm with a blade of of 25.5cm.

A very fast cutting saw with lots of potential for pruning and small tree work, even as far as the use in small coppice operations.

The price depends very much where you are intending to buy it but it is somewhere in the region of £35 but for that you get a very good and very fast saw, as said, for pruning and which is even suitable for coppice operations.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 and the reason of the loss of half a point is the fact that the belt clip is not as practical as it is made out to be. Sorry about that but I like to tell things as they are.

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