Ants avoiding Aspartame because they know it to be poison

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

lolli_ants_aspartameThis one or similar headlines are being used time and again trying to prove something as regards to Aspartame. Yes, Aspartame is not good for us at all and probably an accumulative poison but ants don't avoid because they know it to be poison. They avoid it because it is not sugar, refined or otherwise, and because therefore it has no value for them.

Aspartame – which now goes by several different names – is not a food substance and should not be consumed in any way whatsoever as it is being linked to obesity and other health problems, even though its makers would like us not to know that. As with anything that says fat free, sugar free, or similar, ask twice what it contains instead. More often than not, unless it is from the health food market when it is possibly safe, it is a chemical shitstorm.

I know that the claim that ant avoid such stuff because they recognize it as poison sounds great to many but ants would not know poison if it killed them. Let's face it, if they recognized something as poison why do they walk straight through the ant poison that is being put out to control them around homes and in gardens? Because they don't.

Not everything that is on the Internet and shared via social media is true, even though it sounds very believable, often simple because we want to believe it. While, then again, there are many other things that are true which to us do not sound believable and thus we refuse to believe them. Strange creatures we humans are.

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