Backyard farms growing trend in Southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS - It's becoming more common than ever to have chickens and even goats as your next door neighbors.  As families become more focused on knowing where their food comes from, the practice of urban farming is a growing trend in Southern Colorado.

"You know when you come up it looks like a regular neighborhood you don't really know that this is back here," said Leanne Nipp.

Nipp lives in a typical neighborhood on Colorado Springs' east side, but behind her six foot fence is not your typical backyard.

"We got our chickens ten years ago and I had no idea that anybody else was doing it. And it wasn't until we got the goats that I realized there's a large community of people out there that want to do this," said Nipp.

Backyard chickens are becoming so common that local feed stores say they sell out of baby chicks on a weekly basis.

"I just bought six because I have a few at home still so this is just my little starter," said Samantha Berg at Farmer Jim's Feed in Falcon.

Stores say in the past few years chicken sales have gone up, as more people enjoy having farm fresh eggs readily available from their own backyard.

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