The Clan Mothers ran everything

The Clan Mothers ran everything and had the last word. I think that's the answer. ~ Floyd Red Crow Westerman

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Amongst many, if not indeed all, tribes of the Native Americans it was the Clan Mothers who ran everything and had the last word in decisions.

While there are many Romani-Gypsy “leaders” and also “ordinary” ones who have been brainwashed by the “leaders” believe otherwise it was the same among the Romani People.

The mother of the clan had the last word and her decision was final, no ifs or buts.

The men could hold council as much as they wanted; they had to have their decisions approved by the clan mother and if she did not approve it was a no go. The clan mothers also held the purse strings.

Maybe it would be good if we all went back to that system or a system similar to that. We might just have fewer wars and would actually take care of the Planet, our Great Mother.

As Floyd Red Crow Westerman says in his statement the clan mothers running everything is, more than likely, the answer that could heal us and our Planet.

The problems of our society, and also that of many Native American societies, appears to be the fact that men have decided that they are in charge, and I am saying that being a man myself, and think that they can run everything better.

The same happened among the Romani People and the leading – leading, I think not – men now claim that the women did not have right to speak and such like. At the same time they, those men, believe that they know all of the culture and can teach others.

Why is the Grandmother of the clan, the Puri Dei, then feared so much – or was? It was because she held power, great power, despite what the men now wish to claim otherwise now and have brainwashed entire generations into this belief.

If mothers would run the world sons would no longer be sacrificed for wars and such like and thus wars would end. Mothers would not be interested in sending their own sons into war for oil, or gold, or whatever; not even for land.

That is not to say, for we know, that the Native Americans did not fight wars. They did... But where that tribes where the clan mothers ruled at that moment?

Would it not worth giving the clan mothers a try again?

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