British army facing more and more cuts

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Considering that we have officially launched the first private (charter) navy the other day those cuts may be the beginning of looking to also create charter armies in the UK; In other words, mercenary operations.

The Con-Dem coalition under David Cameron in mid-January 2013 announced that thousands of soldiers of the British Army will have to be made redundant in the latest round of cuts to government spending and that the Territorial Army, which was never intended to be used outside the UK, but has been for a while now already, is to be given a greater role.

It should be slowly becoming obvious that we are headed for a more or less total privatization of almost anything and the writing is already on the wall, I would suggest, that sooner or later, but probably sooner rather than later, the UK military will be operated by mercenaries on a “for profit” basis, with payments by result, like the way the prison and the probation services, as well as the police, are going.

Glencore NavyThe “Glencore” Navy is already a reality and sooner or later we may have the “McAlpine” regiment and the “Barclay's” regiment in the British Army.

The “Glencore” Navy is the private naval force that is to combat the piracy crisis in Somalia but I doubt that it will stop there. The interesting part to this is, and thus one can but assume that it is, basically, what was called a “charter navy” and blessed by UK government, that the troops going with his navy are all British and all ex-service personnel.

As, however, mercenary activities are illegal for a British subject, regardless how and where, unless authorized by the government, we should be able to safely assume that this “Glencore” Navy is sailing and operating with the full blessing of the UK government (and other western governments).

First of all, when it comes to the Army, their brief is to defend the realm and that does not mean working in theaters that are not part of the realm and that's where our money goes, to be very honest. Secondly, thus, if the first point would be taken serious then the Army could be reduced and the Territorial Army have its real role, namely that of a defense force of these Islands.

That, however, would not please the so-called defense industry as they would not be able to screw the government with over-priced goods and services, as they do presently, as most of those goods and services would, no longer, be required. And the politicians that are in the industry's pockets would not allow that to happen either. You cannot kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

We don't need a new government, we need a new system...

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