Freeplay Encore Player... from a different angle

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

No, it's not about taking a photo of it from a different perspective. I am going to be talking here about the sustainability angle.

Freeplay Encore Player_smlWhile this Freeplay radio, MP3 player/recorder, cell phone charger and task/work light is made in China on other levels its sustainability scores are very high indeed.

Aside from the fact that the unit is powered by rechargeable batteries which are charged via solar or crank (and also via 12 V DC external source) the packaging is not wasteful at all.

With the exception of a few small plastic bags to keep small items safe while in the box prior to arriving with the customer, and a small bubble wrap “pouch” for the external solar panel, all is compostable.

The box itself is plain brown cardboard with minimal black print and the protection for the unit itself is achieved not, as is so often the case with electronic goods, by means of expanded polystyrene but by moulded cardboard material similar to that of cardboard egg cartons, and thus both can be thrown simply onto a compost heap for Nature to have its way with them. On the other hand they could also be recycled with no effort.

Not having seen the packaging of Freeplay Energy's other products the way the Encore Player is packaged is, surely, the way to go and should be an example to other producers that glossy coated print and other fancy stuff is not necessary.

Another great score for the Freeplay Encore Player and I believe this should become an industry standard.

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