EcoFont saves ink

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When it comes to printing from the computer printer printing double-sided documents and using recycled paper are both great ways to make printing more environmentally friendly. Neither, however, is a solution to the millions of leaky ink cartridges piling up in landfills each year.

Using holey cheese as its inspiration, a Dutch communications agency has invented a font designed to cut down on ink consumption.

The new Ecofont, downloadable for free at the company's website, appears at small sizes like any other type, but each letter is actually filled with tiny, inkless circles:


The design is said to minimize ink usage by up to 20 percent, the company claims. But even with a more ink-efficient font, the cartridge will eventually run out. When it does, websites like make it easy – and economical – to keep your used plastic out of the dump.

I have been using this font for some time already, but must say that I do not print much anymore of what I write as I am now publishing on-line but when I do it is with EcoFont in the hope that it reduces my ink usage.

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