Enviromesh and imitations

AgralanEnviromesh and imitations

A statement by Agralan Limited

Enviromesh was introduced to the UK market in 1991 following several years of development in Europe.

Before it was marketed Enviromesh had been tested for durability with 5 years continuous exposure.

As the years followed, experience allowed us to increase the life expectancy first to 7 years and then to 10 years.

As the usage of Enviromesh increased so a number of companies have tried to copy it.

Unfortunately these copies, even where they claim to be, are not identical to Enviromesh and may well not perform as well in the garden.

Agralan's concern is that poor results with imitations may adversely affect the reputation of Enviromesh.

The qualities which may suffer are weight, air movement, light transmission and durability. While most of these qualities are apparent by inspection of the weave, this is not possible with durability which is dependent on quality of the thread.

To summarize:-

  • Heavier materials may restrict crop growth.
  • If a product is colored, light transmission will be affected.
  • If the mesh size if smaller it will not be suitable for long term covering of crops.
  • If the thread is not the same durability may be affected.
  • If a product has not been in use for more than 10 years any claim that it will last 10 years should be questioned.

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