After light bulbs now shower heads

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The European Union will now legislate what type Mira_Eco_Handset_Chromeof shower heads (and showers we are allowed to have and use and – if rumors are to be believed – even how long we are allowed to shower, and faucets, people will be allowed to use and which not.

A confidential working paper from the European Commission proves that after outlawing the incandescent light bulb the unelected minions in Brussels will now force EU citizens to save water.

According to reports those shower heads and faucets are only one of seven groups of products that the EU Commission wants to make by legislation and force to be resource efficient.

The EU Commission plans a “duty of water preservation” for all people in the 28 Eu member states and neither the European Parliament nor the parliaments of the respective countries will have any veto in this matter.

This “environmental code” devised by the EU Commission is a prime example of planned economy and statism that now permits the EU authorities access to the people's bathrooms, basically.

The EU Commission did not get any go ahead for this from the European Parliament to create such legislation but has taken it upon itself to create the basics for a law, that can then not be changed.

As the Commission states in the working paper it has decided to create a resource efficient Europe, and has declared that as one of its goals and aims which it has given itself.

While, obviously, saving resources, be this water, energy, or what-have-you, should be all our concern neither this EU Commission, nor any other EU body has the right to legislate in such a way without the say so of any elected bodies.

No one in the EU has been aware, it would appear, that a Central Committee has been established in the EU that has taken it upon itself to rule above everything and everyone else.

Who are those unelected megalomaniacs who think that they can run the entire European Union without anyone having a right to disagree with them, even elected bodies and especially the representatives of the electorate in the member states?

The European Union likes to claim the moral high ground as to being a bastion of democracy in the world, much like the US, and wishes to impose this democracy on the rest of the world. However, when it comes to the citizens of the member states it would appear that Brussels decides and everyone else has to do as they are told by those unelected people at the EU. That is not democracy. That is fascism, pure and simple.

© 2013