Help Stop the Privatization of BC's Public Forest Lands!

WILDERNESSCOMMITTEE_LOGOVANCOUVER, BC, Canada, February 2013 : Recently, news has surfaced that BC’s provincial government is planning on introducing a forestry bill that would give private logging companies much more control over our public forest land in British Columbia—a bill that’s been described by experts as a massive “forest giveaway”.

The legislation would essentially make crown forest land more like private land in terms of management and logging rights. Click here to read a recent op-ed about this issue from The Province newspaper, written by Ben Parfitt of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

Given the history of ecological destruction and unsustainable practices on privatized forest land in BC, the idea of handing over more control of crown land to private companies is unacceptable.

The accountability, oversight, and long-term vision needed to create environmentally and economically sustainable forestry in BC is only possible in strongly regulated, publicly-managed forests. Any legislation that shifts control of the province’s vital forest resources from public to private hands - especially without proper public consultation - is not in BC’s best interest.

Giving more control to the big logging companies would make it more difficult and expensive to protect endangered species, create new protected areas, conserve public drinking water sources, or honourably resolve the issue of Aboriginal rights and title – all critically important public initiatives we need to complete.

Public input will be essential in stopping this very dangerous privatization legislation, as well as in improving future forest policy. Right now is a critical time to let our provincial leaders know that British Columbians want to keep the province’s crown forest lands in public hands.

That’s why we're asking you to write to the BC government today, urging them NOT to change BC’s forestry laws to give more control to private logging companies.

The BC government has a responsibility to protect the province's forest resources - not give them away to corporate interests. Write your letter now!

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The Wilderness Committee is united in their mission to protect Canada’s biodiversity through strategic research and grassroots public education. It believe that the right, the duty and the ability to act are integral to citizenship and it values wilderness, with all its natural biodiversity, as absolutely vital to the health of people, communities and the planet. The Committee acts with integrity and courage to mobilize citizens to take lawful, democratic action to defend Canada’s remaining wilderness and wildlife.

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