Child benefit and the state's ownership of your children

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

As soon as parents accept state benefit for their children, called child benefit in the UK, Kindergeld in Germany, and goes by other names in many other countries, they surrender their children to the state.

Not that the state does not consider every child in the country its own anyway but accepting the money actually makes it even more so.

The state considers that by means of the child benefit it pays the parent to look after the children that it, the state, considers its children, in fact, its property.

The truth is that more or less the state also considers this to be the case whether or not it pays the parent child benefit but, it would appear, even more so when it does.

As soon as, in fact, the birth of a child is officially registered he or she becomes, as most countries see it, property of the state and thus the parents are but guardians and carers of those children and that only for so long as the state considers it good.

We have seen it more that we would like that if the parents' views, for instance, clash with those of the state that the state comes and kidnaps those children and puts them into institutions or gives them away to people considered suitable in the eyes of the state to raise those kids.

Most countries in Europe for that very reason also have compulsory schooling – Schulpflicht in Germany – in order to get a hold on the minds of the children from an early age. In fact they believe the earlier the better and that is why they try to impose also compulsory Kindergarten in some countries from age three.

The purpose of compulsory schooling is to create not an educated citizenship but to create obedient citizens who do as they are told and who work in the industries of the country. And people are so brainwashed that they accept that all without any complaints and refusal, almost.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee...

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