Seventy percent of all Americans do not hold a passport

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Still today, in this modern and connected world of ours, some 70% of Americans do not hold passports. The percentage of Americans fluent in a second language not spoken at home is dismal. Though, it has to be said it is not much better in Britain either as regards to the second language.

In addition to that a great number - more that 80% - have never been out of their own state, some not even out of the own county, let alone abroad (with the exception of military personnel).

Still they think they know everything about other countries and cultures and try to keep telling the British that they have given up their gun rights - claiming that Brits had the same gun rights as Americans, which is not the case.

When the US was headed out to Afghanistan to this unnecessary and illegal war – oh, it's not a war, it's a conflict we are told – only a very small percentage could point to Afghanistan on the map when asked. Many pointed to Germany, others Turkey.

The latter obviously got a little closer than the former. Only good the logistics people and the pilots knew where on the map that country was. They might have attacked the wrong country.

Considering that even the Vice-Presidential candidate in the previous but one election did not know that Africa was a continent nothing should surprise us as to the ignorance of many in the country that believes itself to be the world's policeman.

The public schooling in the USA does leave much to be desired as far as history, geography and many other subjects are concerned.

On the other hand similar problems seem to be arriving this side of the Atlantic as well in the school system as children are not taught their subjects but geared only to pass tests.

Pass rates is what counts and not knowledge, it would appear, nowadays and this can also be seen by the ignorance on all matters, be it in Americans or British. The only ones that know their stuff appear to be those that did not have the misfortune to having attended a school.

Maybe, thus, to some degree one cannot blame the rest of them.

© 2013