Can't eat money

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”

PC05This statement, attributed to one of the North American Indian Chiefs, whose name I know not, states it basically all in a simple, easy to understand, sentence. But, is man realizing this?

Some certainly do but the White Man has an attitude that he is the master of Nature and he, more often than not, claims that he has been given mastery over Nature by his G-d.

Already almost half a century ago the Hippies, mostly white people in those days, were the few of that race who realized this truth and warned about it. They warned about the pollution, the devastation caused to Mother Earth, and much more.

The general population, brainwashed, already then, however, dismissed those as crackpots, as misled young people, and as eccentrics, but were not prepared to heed the message. Also not the message of the likes of John Seymour, Fritz Schumacher, and others.

Man, however, is not apart from Nature but a part of Nature, and that applies equally to the Native American, the Gypsy, or the White Man, regardless of what the latter may believe as a result of his theology and religion.

The White Man and many other adherent to the religion of Christianity are in the belief that they were given the right over Mother Earth by their G-d and that they have to, therefore, battle constantly with Nature. What they do not realize, however, that the day that they win they will have lost everything, for we then have lost our Living Planet.

They also believe that they have the right to every resource of Mother Earth as long as they have the means to extract it and then have the right to charger others for it. Some companies go even so far as to put patents of seeds and, in the latest twist, unless The Onion has been at work, even on mother's milk.

They are privatizing the water utilities in Europe and water is to become a trade-able commodity and to be speculated upon and with on the stock markets and the futures exchanges in London and Frankfurt.

To modern man Nature seems to be nothing but a larder of resources that are there to make money of for the already rich to the detriment of the 99% that do not have the wherewithal to exploit those resources and are thus bound to having to purchase them or the products made from them.

Capitalism in all forms, whether so-called free market capitalism or state capitalism, for that is all that communism as we have seen it so far has been, is interested only in exploitation of Mother Earth and Her creatures, including man, rather than in working in harmony with Her.

Modern man has treated Nature's resources as infinite but they are not and some have finally realized that as regards to oil, and other nonrenewable resources. But still renewable resources are not being researched properly, with the exception of some for the generation of electricity, such as solar, wind, wave and water (and, in some cases, methane gas) and even here some countries get the idea more than others.

The oil is, basically, running out and so do rare earths and other nonrenewable raw materials but we don't have to worry, apparently, for, so science says, we can go and mine the Moon and other planets in due course.

As they said on the spacecraft: “Houston we have a problem...” and we sure do for the powers-that-be, science, and the great majority of the general public do not seem to get the message. You can't eat money and no, Prof. Hawkins, there is no Planet B to which the human race can relocate. There is only one Earth and protecting Her we must and we must do all we can to do it, as, to reiterate it once more, we cannot eat money.

© 2013