Why unschool and homeschool?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

It is not coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children and that they want to, ideally, have the monopoly in doing so. Government education, in turn, is supposed to be evidence of the state's goodness and its concern for our well-being.

The real explanation is, however, much less flattering. It is all done to that the government's propaganda can take root in the young minds as children grow up. Those kids will then be no threat to the state apparatus and in fact they will fasten their chains to their own ankles.

And that the UN wants to mandate government education for children all around the world is also no surprise for it has the very same ideas. When children are educated according to the doctrine of the UN's agenda they will, as adults, accept everything that the UN will present as to a global government and all that jazz.

The Prussian school system and the German law that mandates compulsory for all children from six to sixteen/eighteen had and has but one aim. Not to create an educated people but people who know their station in life and to create obedient (wage) slaves.

It was, literally, thus in public schools in Germany but also in those in Britain in the Victorian age, that children were taught that their place in life was to be no more than what their fathers and mothers were and they were told so in no uncertain terms when they had wishes to become something like a doctor, a lawyer, etc. and this was especially thus in the schools for the working and laboring classes.

A child who even as much as mentioned that his aim was to become a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, and such like would not just be ridiculed by peers and teachers. No, he or she would be flogged in class for having ideas above his or her station.

While this, maybe, no longer happens in this selfsame way the aims are still the same as far as creating obedient slaves of the state who will do as they are told because they have been taught to do so in schools.

Schools do not teach children to think. They teach them what to think and that what is whatever the powers that be degree it to be. Children in government schools (and also most private schools who follow official curricula) are also not taught to question everything they hear and read but to accept everything as it is presented.

Any parent or guardian who wishes his child or children to become free thinking people rather than government robots has, in my opinion, but one option, and that is to unschool them and educate them at home.

While homeschooling is possible and easy in most of the USA and also in the UK (despite what the authorities may claim) in other countries it is not that easy or even impossible in the current situation such as, for example, in Germany where homeschooling is against the law and any attempt is being suppressed with the full power of the law, including the placing of children in care and jailing parents.

Why should the state have any right to tell any parent or guarding how the child or children are educated and by who? And this brings us to a question, which I will not elaborate on here today, as to who owns your children, even though no one can, theoretically, own a child. However, the state thinks that it does own your children.

Get them out of the system and save their spirits...

© 2012