De Dopper Reusable Water Bottle – Product Review

De Dopper, the perfect bottle for tap water.

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

De DopperDe Dopper, or the Dopper (depending on language), is the perfect tap water bottle. It is sustainable, practical, and fashionable.

The Dopper is an initiative for the promotion of tap water and the reduction of plastic waste. For this purpose, the Dopper has introduced the perfect tap water bottle; durable, convenient and nicely designed.

Using a Dopper bottle means that you will no longer need to buy so-called “spring” water in disposable bottles, which will reduce plastic waste.

I was given a Dopper bottle as a promotional freebie (thank you very much indeed) by a company exhibiting at the 100% Design Show 2012 that I attended at Earls Court. I was so taken by the design of it that I decided to review it and let the readers know about it.

Trust the Dutch and the Danes, and in this case it is the Dutch, to come up with a great design and concept for a reusable tap water bottle.

Best of all is that it is not just designed in the Netherlands by Rinke van Remortel but it is also manufactured there with a zero carbon footprint, is free of BPA, as it is made of Polypropylene, and supports drinking water projects in Asia and Africa.

The best part of the bottle, and that's where there design comes in, is that it disassembles into three parts, the bottle, the cup (yes, a cup, as long as you leave the cap in place), and the cap.

This also makes is easy to hygienically clean the bottle by either using the dishwasher (the bottle is dishwasher-safe) or, and that is my recommendation, using a dishwashing brush with hot soapy water.

This three-part design is the best that I have so far seen in any reusable water bottle and it enables, as said, to really clean the bottle. Many others just cannot be cleaned properly as the size of the neck does not allow for good access.

I have rarely seen a reusable water bottle that well thought out and designed (and no, the company is not paying me to say this).

Polypropylene, while being a plastic, does not contain BPA and can also, should it ever be necessary that you want to dispose of the Dopper bottle, be recycled (almost) everywhere.

This bottle would fall under the “good plastic” as it is a plastic bottle that can safely be used time and again probably for a lifetime and its use does away with the one-way use PET bottles with the so-called “spring” water which also costs a fortune to buy.

In the Netherlands alone every day at least half a million of plastic (water) bottles are thrown away. Most of those, regardless of recycling schemes, end up on the rubbish dumps, on the street, in the rivers and finally in the sea.

Tap water can be had for almost nothing and many cities around the world do have free public drinking water fountains where you can fill up a bottle such as the Dopper.

Great design and great bottle...

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