Another new trip in GreenSumption

Has the Conscious Box got real eco-consciousness?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

I really must say that there is not much of eco-consciousness here, as far as I am concerned, for it is but another way of having people buy so-called green products.

Conscious Box is what appears to be a “box-a-month” scheme where the buyer receives a “surprise box” of “green” products, chosen by the company, and those could be a number of different products from food, to personal care, etc. It is advertised as “the best way to discover new Eco-Friendly products” and it continues with the following claims: “Literally Bursting with Eco-Friendly Surprises”, “Discover Your New Eco-Friendly Favorites”, and “Support Small Businesses that Share Your Ethics”.

This may all sound rather nice the way it could also be seen, however, and that is the way that I see it, is that this is a scheme to increase greensumption and it is more than stupid to replace one kind of consumerism with another.

I have to admit that I have not sampled the delights of the Conscious Box as yet (and doubt that I will as I do not intend to indulge in greensumption or any other manner of unnecessary consumption) and thus cannot judge the products. However, consumption and consumerism whether on green or other products just for the sake of it is, in my opinion, harming the environment regardless as to whether the products are, supposedly, green and eco-friendly.

Let's say no to consumption and consumerism in whichever shape or form or color. Greensumption is as bad as ordinary consumption and consumerism.

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