Australian school children left hungry – report

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Health and social experts say thousands of Australian children are suffering at school because their parents cannot afford to properly feed them and the same is true also for the UK and for many other developed countries today.

A report released on October 16, 2012 by Anglicare Australia estimates about forty-fivefold-thousand households accessing its emergency relief services do not have enough money to adequately feed their families and of this group, twenty-two-thousand go without food for a whole day ... at least once a week ... and almost one in ten are children.

According to the agency's executive director some parents are keeping their children home from school on days they cannot afford to put food in their lunch boxes.

To that that this is a sad state of affairs and even that it is a a grave indictment is putting it rather mildly and it shows how far we have sunk, as countries, when this is happening, once again.

Countries, as much as corporations, and then again most countries are, nowadays nothing but corporations, are putting profit before people and this proves, once again, how broken the system is, and society.

We need a news system, not a new government. A system where people once again count and where people and the Planet are in the center of things and not profit and dividends for shareholders.

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