US Military about to take away guns from veterans to stop suicides

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The US Military has revealed a plan to take way the guns of veterans to supposedly stop suicides. However, as far as I am concerned, and I doubt that I am the only one, another reason for this appears much more likely.

The most likely reason for wanting to remove guns from the hands of the veterans is that veterans are the main people in America who will defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic and it is the veterans that also have the skills to do so.

It is that which in truth has the US government so very worried and it is for that reason, more than any other, that they want to get those guns. The veterans, as I said, could just be THE people who would defend the country against excesses of the government.

Under the guise of being concerned to prevent veterans, possibly, killing themselves (and others) after coming back from the illegal wars and conflicts in which the US and NATO allies are involved in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon, more than likely, Syria and Iran, the US authorities want to disarm the very people that could be dangerous to them should they, the government, move against the people.

If they really would be concerned about the veterans' mental health then (1) they would provide them with proper post-operations counselling, etc. and (2) would also be considered about their access to drugs with which they could kill themselves, knives which which they cut cut their arteries, etc. But no, it is the guns in the hands of those veterans that the US government is only concerned about.

I guess anyone who is not wearing rose-tinted glasses or blinkers would be able to see the direction from which the wind is blowing as regards to this issue.

Beware of governments... they are far from benign...

© 2012