Children playing outdoors illegal say cops

Children playing outdoors without parents being right besides then now illegal say cops in America

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Is it any wonder that we have nature deficiency disorder amongst children in America and not only there and obesity if that is the attitude that now prevails.

Several parents in the state of Texas and one or two other areas have been questioned and even arrested and threatened to be charged with “child neglect” for allowing their children to play outdoors without direct parental supervision.

The time for children to go down to the creek to fish or to play in the woods, whether alone or as a group of pals, appears to have gone, by government decree. Only no one told anyone that there is such a decree or law and it gets wrapped up into “child neglect”. Talk about stupid.

When I was a kid – OK, I am Gypsy born and bred and it was just part of being out there in the sticks – most children roamed about from morning till dusk outside, in the woods, etc. and no, I don't think that it was safer then and there were fewer fiends (if you know what I mean).

Kids hunted (with slingshots) and that means squirrels, pigeons and rabbits were the prey, fished in the creeks and rivers and those fish came home for supper (no, they didn't have an invitation), built dens and forts in the woods, and whatever else was being done.

They rode bicycles and go carts and it was just the way things were and the cops wouldn't arrest the parents because the kids were out there on the streets, in the woods, etc.

The only times the cops got involved was when there was some violation of a law and then the local Bobby would take the kid home to his parents and explain the situation. But no one even ever thought of arresting the parents for child neglect because the kids were out from dawn to dusk almost.

I know it was the same also in the USA until not so long ago but now, it would appear, in many areas little Hitlers have arisen who lord it over the people in for form of law enforcers and legislators.

And the people have allowed this to happen...

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