School: daytime jail for children

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In the government brainwashing institution that is called public school no regard is given to the wishes of children that are being taught.

A state bureaucrat decides what they will learn, and when, and without having ever considered the needs of any of the children. A stranger they may or may not like will then teach them and shape their personality, and often this is done by forces, including physical force.

This system sees the individual child not as an individual with individual specific needs but as part of the group and thus will ensure that any individuality is suppressed.

The child want to learn geography? Sorry, they are being told that they are learning fractions right now. He or she wishes to carve wood or practice swimming or cook an omelet? Well, sorry, out of luck. They have decided they'd best learn about the French Revolution. And they will show an interest in the state-approved curriculum or they will be labeled a troublemaker.

Also, going to the bathroom without permission is a no, no. The child will just have to learn to hold it until it's convenient for the teacher. And that kid who calls him or her names everyday and pushes him or her on the bus? The attitude of the school generally is that they best get used to him or her because he or she be sitting next to him or her all year and, maybe, next year, too.

If the child get hungry during the day, then he or she is just out of luck there. The children are eat when they tell them and if they miss their family they are told to stop being a baby. We know what's best for you.

They will have to come and go as the teachers and the authorities see fit. They are forced to learn what they tell them. They are forced to be still and quiet and are allowed to speak only when permission is granted. And they are forced to become orderly, compliant, and obedient, if they know what's good for them.

And should there be an emergency then the school will go into lock-down and the parents will not be able to come and get them. The authorities will take the children to a “safe place”, one that they have decided that is “safe”, and they may, or may not, tell the parents of the kids where that is. Great place, isn't it? Well, welcome to school. Or shall we call it what it really is?

Jail. Yes. Jail. School is a daytime jail for children.

School is a brainwashing institution and daytime jail for children and some are worse than others, as we know, but still, in the main, they are all the same.

They are there to create robots, obedient slaves to the state and, as we have seen from history in many countries, are often used to spy out dissident adults by getting the kids to reveal this or that.

In the USA this has been tried not so long ago in some schools by asking children in questionnaires as to whether there were guns in the homes and whether the parents had political views and which they were and many more.

Some school districts make it illegal to talk evolution and they teach strict creationism – and those are US state schools and, theoretically there should be a separation between religion and state – and any child that has differing views will soon be told to shut it.

Just a little over a century ago schools in Britain and in the Prussian school system in Germany literally flogged children of the working class for wishing to “better” themselves and wanting to become teachers, or doctors, lawyers or politicians.

Don't have ideas above your stations, they were told, and then beaten into submission. The son of a farm laborer had to have no other ambition than to become a farm laborer like his father and the best that a girl of such a family could hope for was “to go into service” at the household of her betters.

The task, by law, so it would seem, of the school is to create puppets of the state and slaves to the system and no dissent is permitted.

However, there is an answer to that, at least in many countries and that is homeschooling. In the UK it is, probably, one of the easiest systems despite the fact that the authorities always try to tell parents that the law states that parents have a duty to send their children to school. In fact the law states no such thing. It states that parents have a duty to educate their children, and this can be at school or otherwise and is the latter that we must look at in that case, and even the national curriculum does not have to be followed and the child only needs to have a minimum of two hours of schooling.

Now, someone tell me again they can't school their own child or children. Get them out of jail and keep them out of the daytime jail of school is you want to raise children that question and who are equipped for a lifetime of learning.

© 2012