How green the new iPhone?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While it has some features that make it “greener” than its predecessors the fact that the new iPhone has also made millions of charging and docking cables and many docking stations, etc. obsolete means that it is not very green at all.

My advice would be to stick with what you've got and personally I cannot see a need for an iPhone or any cellphone of that nature at all. But that is a different story.

However, advice from experts in the communications field is to keep holding on to one's dumb phone for as long as possible and, if possible, to replace with another dumb phone.

Why? Because the simple phones are not as easy to track as the new ones and are virtually hack and virus proof.

It is almost unbelievable that millions of people have queued up for many, many hours to be the first to buy a new iPhone 5, often upgrading from a previous version that was still working fine and only a few months to a year old. This is madness and certainly not at all green.

The phone itself is also not as it is not using the new European standard either, it would appear, and considering ethics also Apple should be on the boycott list for anyone serious about being green and ethical.

Stick with what you've got should the be advice here as for so many other things too...

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