Going naked for the Planet

Going sans clothes for the sake of the Planet

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Man was not made with clothes or fur and clothes were just “invented” as a means to protect us from the elements in inclement weathers and climates.

Choosing a clothing free lifestyle, at least where and whenever possible, can and will save on buying clothes and also on impact on the Earth. Even more so as far as the kids are concerned for it is much easier and cheaper to wash them than to wash their clothes all the time. Kids get dirty and should be allowed to get dirty and the best way to do that is sans clothes.

When there is a heatwave, as was for months and months in the summer of 2012 in North America, the cost on the Planet and on people's pockets running air-conditioning and such like is horrendous and simply dressing down to nothing can solve the problem on both counts.

Obviously, when the temperatures plummet then it is advisable, unless one and one's kids are really hardy types, to dress, even indoors, and keep the use of heating down. But it is a matter of choice, especially if it is hot indoors, even in winter, due to the use of wood stoves and wood cook stoves and such activities.

Even some of the mainstream media in the USA and Canada have been, during the 2012 heatwave, basically advising people to, if they were prepared to do so, to adopt the nudist life at home to reduce AC use and suffering.

Why would anyone want to endure heat of sauna proportions and then waste money and endanger the Planet by running the air conditioning or whatever while all it takes is to take one's clothes off to change that.

The so-called Christian lobby always makes claims that being nude is against G-d's ordinances but if G-d would have wanted man to wear clothes or covering of this or that kind G-d would have ensured that we were born with it.

When people began to colonize colder climes furs and later clothes became necessary to protect them from the effects of climate and weather. In later years and centuries clothes became a status symbol and it continued in that way. The poor often, and especially their young ones, went, often by necessity, that is true, without and amongst some people to some degree this nudity was, and still is, a tradition.

It is so silly that we think that we must cover our bodies, especially the belief perpetuated by certain religions, when we are, supposedly, made in the image of the Creator.

As far as many of the naturist or nudist community are concerned, and yes, some people regard them as “weird”, the savings that can be made as far as clothes and also air conditioning is concerned, would benefit the Planet greatly.

The less clothes that we buy and use and the less power for the AC in summer the less emissions are released and we can, thus, aid in the protection of the Earth.

Being unclothed also allows a much greater connection to Mother Earth and not just via the bare feet. The entire body is alive to the environment when one is not impeded by textiles. And we all would benefit from reconnecting in a real way with Mother Nature, that much is sure.

At a visit to the Hurricane devastated Haiti in September 2004 even Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry understood that clothes are not a necessity, especially not when other things need to be taken care of, when she said: “Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids. Water is necessary, and then generators, and then food, and then clothes.”

While her concern, in that instance, was that the relief effort was too focused on sending clothes to the Hurricane victims in Haiti instead of essentials like water and electric generators, it can be transposed also to a concern for the Planet by us.

Many of us own too many clothes that we don't even wear and, more than likely, never will and if we would reduce those to, as we were forced to do when I was a child, essentials that are kept for when really going out where clothes were needed, many resources could be spared and much money could be saved also.

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