Simple hand washing could reduce more than 80% of the world's diseases

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

According to Pillar Banza Moreno, Public Health Officer & Coordinator, Maban, South Sudan, the small and simple act and practice of regular hand washing could reduce more than 80% of the world's diseases.

665145_538612929485469_361419722_oHowever, most of the poor in the developing world do not have access to soap and good water. The issue with soap is a simple one and there are some charities that are taking the small soap bars from hotels that have been used often only once and convert this into bars of soap to be distributed in the Third World countries.

Simple washing of hands with soap and (hot) water not only can prevent and reduce the diseases in the Third World countries but also can prevent MRSA and other super bugs in the hospitals in the First World.

The reason for those super bugs is always being claimed to be the fact that we have become resistant to antibiotics due to its overuse in animal husbandry.

The truth, however, is, and often they try to keep it hidden, that nurses (and doctors) do not actually wash their hands, as used to be common, between dealing with patients.

Even when nurses use surgical gloves they, more often than not, go from patient to patient wearing the same pair of gloves and do not, as they should, dispose and done new between patients.

Often the nurses claim that they simply do not have the time to do that but that, in my opinion, is no excuse and just is not valid. Changing gloves takes but a few seconds and while washing hands takes a little longer it can and does save lives.

Let's get soap and water back into use and prevent diseases.

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