Germany tries to make professional salvagers illegal

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In fact since June 2012 the scrap metal of private individuals/households is regarded as household waste and thus it belongs, would you believe it, to the municipalities as soon as it becomes obsolete and a scrap metal dealer is committing a crime, even when the person calls him to pick it up, when he picks up say the old washing machine.

SchrottWhat this law is trying to do is to make the trade of the “rag and bone man” illegal simply because they, the governments, see that there is money to be made in scrap metal and thus they want to get the stuff rather than allowing someone else to make a living by collecting it.

The private person can no longer even decide as to whether he or she want to put her old radiators, washing machine, cooker, or exhaust pipes, into the hands of a professional salvager or into the municipal bulk waste containers. By law such scrap now has to go into the municipal bulk waste collection and it is a felony, so it would seem, to do otherwise.

They talk about creating jobs in the green economy while at the same time destroying the old trades of the salvager and others. It would appear that the jobs are to be created by government and must be filled by employees. The independent salvager is not considered.

This law could – no will – put thousands of independent small scrap metal dealers and scrap yards and salvage yards out of business. Thus, instead of creating jobs the government manages to create unemployment.

Most of those scrap metal business in Germany and elsewhere are operated by people from the Gypsy community and forcing them on welfare seems to be the reason for creating such laws. Once they are on welfare they are no longer independent and can then be forced into the system.

One of the reasons given for the creation of this law and for making the calling for scrap illegal are the thefts of (scrap) metal but it would appear as if a real shoot in the foot may be the result here.

The world has gone mad and it is time to breathe some sanity back into it.

As said, we don't need a new government, we need a new system...

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