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by Michael Smith

EcoAlign releases report "Cracking the Green Code: Using a Values-Based Model to Improve Customer Communications and Marketing" to advance consumer adoption of green products and services

EcoAlign, a strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment, released its third Project Energy Code report titled, “Cracking the Green Code: Using a Values-Based Model to Improve Customer Communications and Marketing,” written by distinguished communications strategist and research psychologist John Marshall Roberts, on April 15, 2009.

This third report in Project Energy Code helps marketers bridge the “green gap” and is available for free at

The report offers marketers who are tasked with driving adoption of “green” products and services a clear, scientifically validated, values-based, customer profiling and messaging methodology for achieving objectives while challenging the depth and sufficiency of today’s marketing ideologies. In the report, Marshall details a number of current practical examples and provides a thorough explanation of the levels of human thinking and how marketers may appeal to each. This approach is aimed at leveraging traditional segmentation to move campaign metrics quickly.

“Millions of dollars are wasted every year on well-intended programs that generate little or no real-world traction,” concludes Marshall Roberts. “Before initiating their next program, we encourage marketers to perform a strategic values assessment of the target audience and create a strategy that will promote sustainable behaviors and greatly increase the opportunities for success.”

The report provides new insight to help marketers close the “green gap” – an oft-occurring behavior that EcoAlign has identified in which there is a disconnect between consumers’ professed intentions and their actual sustainable behaviors.

The report is part of Project Energy Code, a research program developed by EcoAlign, which provides ongoing analysis of consumer behavior with regard to energy consumption and the environment from an approach grounded in social sciences.

A full report is available at free of charge by visiting EcoAlign’s website at

John Marshall Roberts is an author, speaker and applied research psychologist with more than a decade of strategic communications consulting experience. He helps overcome consumer skepticism through strategic communication design and the application of values-based messaging for inspiring sustainable behaviors. (

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