Leading Marketplace for Individual Philanthropy Matches Donations to Carbon Reducing Development Projects

WASHINGTON, April 2009: As we seek to combat global warming, the developing world faces a double burden: climate change threatens poor communities with both environmental and economic devastation in the form of floods, droughts, and ruined harvests. So this April, in honor of Earth Day, GlobalGiving is calling on donors to "Give a Little Green," and offering as an incentive a 50% matching donation on all gifts to GlobalGiving Green projects that help reduce our contribution to global warming in the U.S. and in the developing world.

Every developed country in the world has come to its wealth and well-being through a carbon-intensive path, that if repeated across the developing world today would cancel out any current or future efforts we make to address global warming. GlobalGiving Green seeks to reverse this trend.

"During times of economic crisis, environmental priorities can often be set aside to protect economic interests; but the two are not mutually exclusive," said Mari Kuraishi, President and co-founder of GlobalGiving. "We can address the problems associated with climate change and achieve economic growth by identifying and investing in innovation that puts people to work or improves their livelihood while reducing harmful carbon emissions. GlobalGiving Green includes current projects in the developing world that fit this criteria and 'Give A Little Green' provides that extra incentive for individuals to support such projects now in this time of great need."

GlobalGiving Green is the first step towards creating a market-based incentive for green development, by helping to translate the demand for climate change solutions into a carbon-neutral path for development. Donors can connect directly to earth-changing grassroots projects, like supporting training in solar energy at a technical institute in Sierra Leone or cultivating forests in Indonesia, ensuring even the smallest donation goes a long way.

"Give a Little Green" launched on April 4th, and will run through April 28th or until the $25,000 in matching funds has run out.

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Source: GlobalGiving