Copper and arthritis

by Michael Smith

The old Egyptians have used copper already in application of medicine but it is always something that is being discarded and discounted by the standard medical practitioners of the Western world.

I am one of those that generally is skeptic about such things as well but I must say that, being an arthritis sufferer the use of copper bracelets, for instance, gives me relief.

Why it works I could not tell you. All I do know is that it does and no, it is no placebo effect,I can tell you that for certain.

Recently I developed a real arthritis problem in my left hand, that is to say in one of the fingers, probably due to lots of typing and I switched the bracelet that I usually wear on the right wrist over to the left and – bingo – the pain decreased and the mobility improved almost instantly.

Proof of this is the fact that every night this problem is getting bad again until I put the bracelet on in the morning (I do not wear it during the night), and I am definitely sure that this has nothing too do with any placebo effect, for instance.

Some years ago, because I had mentioned a problem with arthritis, which amongst us Gypsy People appears to be genetic, to a then friend of mine in the States, he crafted for me two bracelets from very thick copper wire that he had salvaged.

As said, I am rather a skeptic but I put one of them on on the right wrist – for the right hand was then the worst – and within less than two hours the finger that were hurting were nigh on fine.

I have not explanation as to why it works but know that it does and that the old Egyptians used copper bracelets and the like for the treatment of arthritis and it seems to have worked then too.

Having found copper too be working very well for the relief of arthritis pains and movement restrictions I can but recommend it to folks. It certainly will do no harm. It certainly works for me.

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009