The new heretics?!?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

All those that disagree in one way or the other the accepted (accepted by who?) line of “Global Warming” – even if they may not disagree with “Global Warming”, now renamed to “Climate Change”, which is much more apt – and state that Climate Change might not be due to CO2 emissions and man's activities but due to a natural reoccurring cycle of the Earth – Mother Nature throwing a wobbly to remind us who is in charge – are now made into heretics and it has even be said by a number of the “believers” and “priests” that those who do not accept the line are mentally ill.

Those that are being thus attacked include eminent environmental and climate scientists such as, for instance, David Bellamy in the UK.

The Earth has been doing this on more than a more or less regular basis about every 1,000 or so years. Kind of Mother Earth telling us She in in control and not man and in times past this was accepted as an act of G-d or of the gods. Now, however, mankind wishes to play G-d and thinks that by doing this or that sequence of events can be stopped and even reversed. Like applying the brake in a car and then a reverse gear. Yikes!

I am not saying, and neither are the likes of David Bellamy and many others that the climate is not changing and that in some places it is getting warmer (in others it seems to be the opposite) and that we do not have a period of “Global Warming”. However, where my skepticism, and that of others, lies is as to the man-made, man-caused, part.

Evidence, only the zealots do not wish to see this, points to the fact that the Earth has been going through periods of warming and then again cooling on a more or less regular basis; about every thousand years – give or take a few decades to a few centuries.

This recent warming period our Planet seems to be going through has cause the melting of the sheet ice and glaciers in Greenland and thus laid bare the forests that were there during the time that the Vikings under Eric the red lived there and raised their cattle on the green island they called Greenland.

And we must also not forget that they got to the Labrador coast of Canada which they called Vinland because of the juicy dark-red (black) graped that they found growing there. Try finding such in that area presently. You will be more than likely very hard pressed to do so.

During a previous warm spell – a rather long one – the Romans were in Britain and they grew dark grapes for red wine – please note wine not vinegar – all the way up to Hadrian's Wall and apparently, so legend has it, the Romans liked their wine rather nice and sweet. You just could not even think of doing that today. It is too cold and miserable up there and no one would attempt presently to do that anywhere further than maybe the Midlands, if that far north even in England.

I could go one with what I said in my previous articles but I won't.

What, however, we are beginning to see now is another grand inquisition of sorts that if you do not agree 100% with the line that everyone is being fed and you question some of the details and even dare to put forward opposing, to a degree, views, you are marked as a heretic and as, in the case of David Bellamy, are basically being silenced.

On many forums now personal attacks by the so-called scientists and others on the “climate change is due to man's activities” bandwagon are very common as they just cannot argue their case properly. All one gets is personal attacks and rants and raves and foaming at the mouth and I am not the only one that has been experiencing this.

We can look at a long line of these scientific arguments. In the 1960s and 1970s we were told that the Earth was headed towards a new Ice Age and the reasons given and the scientific proofs? Yes, you guessed it: the very same as they give now as to Global Warming.

Then there came the hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic. OK! So, there is a whole there. It may always have been there. No they say; it just developed. Erm, no. Our satellite imaging technology only became good enough to spot it when we did. So it was claimed that the culprits were the CFCs – ok they are not good anyway but – and they were outlawed, etc. And what has happened to said hole? Well, it has – so we are told – been growing still. However, it seems that it grows one minute and then closes up again and keeps doing this. Maybe this is, in fact, Mother Earth's safety valve, much like on a pressure cooker? Just a thought.

Having said all that the point does remain that we cannot carry on living the way we do on this Planet. It is after all – so far we are aware – the only life-sustaining – well it still does at the moment – in our solar system and we need it to continue to survive. We must change our ways and that includes getting rid of the infernal combustion engine, or at least the use of gasoline and similar emission producing fuels – including bio-diesel and even ethanol. There are other ways.

When it comes to all the crap – pardon my French – that we throw away, mostly into landfills; that too must stop and that rather pronto. Our energy use also must be cut drastically, and this because all of it causes pollution and damage to the Earth. If we want to continue to be able to survive and thrive on this Planet we must change the way we live and interact with the Planet. We must reduce our environmental footprint and tread much lighter on the Earth.

And on that note I shall close...

© 2009