A Greener Job Search with iPhone & beamME CV

by Michael Smith

Job Seekers Beam Resumes and Apply for Jobs Anytime, Anywhere

On April 6, 2009, rmbrME - the makers of the world's most popular mobile-native business networking apps - announced the launch of beamME CV: the first iPhone app dedicated to a mobile, social and green job search. beamME CV lets users beam their resume, cover letter and vCard (digital business card) directly from their iPhone, giving job seekers unprecedented advantage in this tough market while reducing the carbon footprint of a job search.

Users of beamME CV can now send a resume, cover letter and electronic contact card directly from their iPhone or iPod touch, instantly delivering their application package to prospective employers no matter where opportunity strikes. The app is currently available for sale worldwide through iTunes for $9.99, but unemployed job seekers are eligible for a rebate that lowers the cost to $6.99.

“Candidates need every advantage to connect with job opportunities in this tight market,” said Marc Mencher, CEO of GameRecruiter and twenty-seven year industry veteran. “beamME CV is a powerful tool in a job seeker’s arsenal, and one they can’t afford to be without.”

beamME CV builds on the success of beamME and beamME pro, the leading mobile business networking apps that enable digital contact exchange and have already eliminated hundreds of thousands of paper exchanges.

Because job opportunities can arise anywhere, beamME CV was designed to enable fluid distribution of resumes, cover letters and electronic contact cards. With a few keystrokes, this innovative iPhone app instantly delivers job application data in an easy-to-read format that works on any mobile phone (even non-iPhones) or computer. Hiring managers do not need special software or registration to retrieve the applicant’s package, and beamME CV is free of advertising.

“Everyone’s been in line for coffee or at a dinner party when a job networking opportunity falls in your lap,” observed Gabe Zichermann, CEO and Co-Founder of beamME-creator rmbrME. “beamME CV helps you turn that random new contact into your future boss.”

beamME CV is now available for download from the iTunes App store for $9.99, but unemployed and beamME pro owners can avail themselves of a rebate that lowers the price to $6.99. As with beamME pro, beamME CV is backed by an unconditional thirty-day money-back guarantee. To download beamME CV, visit http://GETbeamMEcv.com

In addition to the reduction in carbon effected just by using its products, rmbrME is helping to reforest the earth by planting a tree in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation for every copy of beamME CV and beamME pro sold. For more information about the Arbor Day Foundation, visit http://arborday.org.

Based in New York City, rmbrME is best known for developing the breathtakingly simple and popular beamME and beamME pro for the iPhone/iPod Touch and pioneering universal contact exchange using SMS. Founders Gabe Zichermann and Christopher Cunningham’s philosophy is that Mobile Business Networking only works when it is device, carrier and social network independent and clearly focused on the needs of the professional user.

For more information, visit http://rmbrME.com/

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