Gardener's Mate from Lakeland – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

How often do you bring your spade back into the shed or your garden fork and do not clean off the dirt and mud because there is no suitable stick or bit of wood or whatever around at that moment with which to clean the tools and you have no time to go and make a suitable device?

No more excuses now. Meet your new best friend in the garden! The Gardener's Mate will take care of all those cleaning tasks.

This remarkable little tool is perfect for cleaning Wellington boots, and work boots in general, lawn mower blades, your spade, between the tines of a garden fork, and much more, and this all in one convenient package of a plastic tool. The Gardener's Mate could be the most useful little tool you ever buy and own. It's orange red color also makes it stand out and easy to find.

Prices at just below 2 GBP it definitely is not going to break the bank and even most piggy banks contain that much in cash. Well worth getting one – or even more than one. I always believe in backups.

Gardener's Mate is Lakeland Ref # 51217

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