The US Military in Haiti...

...a humanitarian aid operation or an invasion/occupation?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Think for yourselves in order to answer this question.

Thousands of US Marines, Rangers, and Sailors on Haiti or in Haitian waters are not the numbers that you would expect for a humanitarian relief operation but, on the other hand, those numbers are just right if invasion and occupation is the aim and name of the game.

The majority of the survivors of the Haitian earthquake have still not, in the beginning of March 2010, seen any or much aid distributed to them but have seen lots of US troops moving about.

When the helicopters landed – Cobras and Apaches – the troops that disembarked took up standard landing zone protection and defense positions.

Those are the procedures used only on two occasions; namely when you are expecting opposition and incoming hostile fire or when you try to intimidate the locals.

We have n ow learned that someone is hiring “security” personnel to go to Haiti and according to one of our sources, who has been approached by the recruiters, it is a “hired guns” job and well paid too.

So, I ask, what is going on?

It all points towards something other completely than a humanitarian relief operation and that despite the fact that the hospital ship is being used to treat some of the most severely injured survivors of the earthquake.

However, we must look at the strategic location of Haiti. On one side is a basic puppet of Washington anyway – the Dominican Republic – and with Haiti too in US hands the island is just what is needed.

Needed for what?

Haiti lied directly opposite a rather large Caribbean island – the largest, I believe – namely Cuba and in fact directly opposite of Guantanamo.

Then, just across the water there is a country that the US would love to lay their hands on; Venezuela and the reason is yet again that evil smelling stuff for which the war in Iraq has been fought, oil.

While, and I am very much aware of this, there are no direct messages to this effect, that is to say as to an pincer attack on Venezuela, around the fact seem to speak volumes, and should do so to any serious analyst of the situation.

Someone asked the other day on an Internet forum ad to which country was going to be next after Iraq and Afghanistan in the cross hairs of the US military and no one was looking, it would appear, as close to home as Haiti.

However, in my mind, all the signs speak for the earthquake in Haiti having come to them like a gift of the g-ds, giving the US military a way to get in without any questions.

For most of a day and more aid planes from other sources could not land on the airport of Port-au-Prince because all US military air traffic had priority and the controllers, who were placed there by the US military, made that absolutely clear.

It is such fact that, in my mind, make the intentions absolutely clear and the US could not have wished for better.

Someone with a very suspicious mind might actually wonder and ask as to whether the earthquake might not have, actually, have been triggered by something other than natural forces, but the situation, whichever way, led to what we have now; US forces in their thousands on Haiti or in Haitian waters.


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