Aim Lower with Excel Fibre Technology – EcoBuild Stand 1685

As an industry, when discussing the energy efficiency of respective products we always look to aim higher, but when considering carbon emissions, isn’t it time to AIM LOWER?

Excel Fibre Technology, manufacturers of Warmcel are posing the question - is ‘Zero Carbon’ really low enough?

Excel Fibre Technology are inviting delegates to visit stand 1685 at this year’s EcoBuild to find out how they can cut carbon emissions by a further 1% by specifying Warmcel over more traditional forms of building insulation.

Nigel Bosanko, Marketing Manager at Excel Fibre Technology adds, “Warmcel is actually carbon negative; the amount of carbon locked into Warmcel, combined with the carbon saved by preventing the paper being land filled, is greater than the amount of carbon created during the manufacture, installation and removal of the product when the building is demolished. This is why Warmcel rates as ‘better than Zero Carbon’ according to the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).”

On stand 1685 there will be demonstrations of four individual wall structures which focus on the thermal performance and enviable environmental benefits of using Warmcel as a sustainable solution. The Excel Fibre Technology sales team will also be on hand to discuss the components used in each wall structure, explain the Warmcel manufacturing process and advise on the best installation techniques.

For further information please visit or alternatively contact Excel Fibre Technology Direct on 01685 845200.