UK expels Israeli diplomat

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

David Milliband, the British foreign secretary, on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, expelled an Israeli diplomat in the row over the cloning of 12 British passports by the Israeli security service, MOSSAD, used for the assassins of a Hamas commander in the UAE.

It would appear that the diplomat expelled was, in fact, the most senior MOSSAD resident in the UK, and though we do not know as to whether he himself has or has not had his hands in the cloning of the British passports that have been used by the assassins, it is a move that must be commended.

It is about time that the British government not only expelled this diplomat and his ilk but that they cut all ties with the Zionist entity in Palestine, at least until such a time that that country behaves as it should.

We cannot permit any country to do what Israel has done in cloning passports of British and other countries' citizens putting those innocent people in serious risk of life and limb.

Had this been done, for instance, by Russia, or other, once seen more as enemy countries, we can safely assume that a lot of noises would have been made, in public and behind the scenes.

However, when it comes to the Zionist entity in Palestine no one dares to say anything, or so at least it would appear. David Milliband, though, seems to have, finally, found the courage to actually do something.

MOSSAD has been doing things int his country that would have gotten diplomatic ties cut with many an other country, but, when it comes to Israel, that Zionist state, it seems that people are afraid to touch them. The Jews seem to have immunity from prosecution, it would appear.

Even the Gestapo was not as good as MOSSAD and the other agencies of the Zionist state, which uses the same methods the Nazis used. Guess they read all the old manuals and just added to it.

While any other country would be condemned by the West for what the Zionists do to the Palestinians, Israel is allowed to get away with it.

Why is this?

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