Justabox – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

  • justabox™ is the practical alternative to polypropylene for conference boxes, document holders and presentation packs.

  • justabox™ is the most sustainable stationery box you can find!

  • justabox™ is light and robust, made from reclaimed waste paper and laminated with a cellulose (wood pulp) material.

  • justabox™ has a softer luxurious quality that makes it far nicer to use than sharp polypropylene boxes.

  • justabox™ provides a perfect surface for displaying your message with litho printing and graphics, or you could simply have your name and logo printed.

  • justabox™ is supplied fully assembled, so unlike polyboxes, you won’t spend your time and break your nails putting them together.

And when you are finished with your justabox™, you can recycle it by simply removing the Velcro dot and putting it with your waste paper (and you can’t do that with polypropylene!).

So much for the information from the manufacturer.

The “Justabox” loose leaf file is a very sturdy affair but then again cardboard can be very strong and sturdy indeed - they even make desks and such nowadays from the stuff – I can see many applications for the “Justabox” beyond the simple replacement for the polypropylene/plastic conference box and such.

While the idea and concept of a loose leaf box file from simple ordinary cardboard which, at the end of its life, can simply be recycled or even composted must be commended and is very neat indeed the Velcro closure must be urgent reconsidered as it tends to fail.

On a sample box – the box was launched at base 2010 – received at base 2010 the Velcro button on the flap tore off after only a few opening actions from the cardboard and tearing some of the covering paper.

I am sure that another form of closure can be devised which may be greener still than the Velcro fastenings.

I love simple functional design of this nature even though – to some degree – this is reinventing the wheel – from materials that can be made from recycled and that can be reused, recycled or, as in this case (pardon the pun) composted even.

Also, I must admit, I guess, that I do like cardboard on the reuse level in that I often repurpose this or that cardboard box for this or that other use.

The only thing that lets the “Justabox” down, in my opinion, is that Velcro stuff which is prone to tear off the cardboard if flap is opened a few times too many and that is something that must be remedied.

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