Recycling human hair

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Locks of Love is a well-known nonprofit organization that accepts donations of human hair to recycle into hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children suffering from medical hair loss. But I guess those bits of hair have to be rather substantial.

However, now even smaller quantities of human hair – including much of what used to end up in the barbershop’s wastebasket – are being recycled into a variety of gardening products that encourage healthy plant life and naturally deter unwanted pests in the garden. In addition to that human hair can be composted as well.

However, presently, most human hair that ends up in the barber's waste basket goes nowhere else but the landfill sites.

They have also looked at using, and have successfully done so, mats made from human hair to soak up – if that is the right word for it – oil spills at sea. Apparently it works and is the only thing that really works.

If you happen to cut your own hair (and that of your family), as I do, then do consider putting the clippings into the composting bin and not into the waste stream.

Cutting your own hair saves lots of money, I can attest to that, especially, when like me, you manage to acquire a new hair-clipping machine at a Thrift Store for less than $10. Considering that every visit to the barbers would be at least $10 and that about once every three weeks the savings are phenomenal. Plus, I get to keep the clippings to add to the compost.

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