Sustainability & Everyday Life Part 1: Institutional and Cultural Change

  • How can institutions address the challenges of sustainability?
  • Should organisations take responsibility for cultural change?

  • How can work be redefined to encourage sustainable behaviour?
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Wednesday 31 March 2010

17:00 (GMT Summer Time), 12:00 (EDT), 9:00 (PDT)

This month, flush with success after winning the Independent Publisher of the Year Award, Earthscan will be broadcasting the first of two Earthcasts addressing sustainable practices in everyday life.

In Sustainability & Everyday Life Part 1 the authors of State of the World 2010, The Sustainability Handbook and The Good Work Guide will analyse how institutions can reorganise and drive a cultural shift towards sustainable behaviour.

The Earthcast will be full of positive examples from institutions at all levels — the media, education, government, business and religious organizations — and will also discuss how the value of work should be redefined within capitalist organisations to encourage sustainable behaviour.

Ultimately it will examine why institutional leaders need to recognise their responsibility to society and align their actions around values that encourage a drive towards sustainability.

The second event will focus on Personal Change and Change in Others, and will be broadcast on 28th April

  • John Mulrow is the 2009 MAP Sustainable Energy Fellow at the Worldwatch Institute.

  • William R. Blackburn is a lawyer and leading sustainability consultant with three decades of experience. He is president of William Blackburn Consulting, Ltd.

  • Nick Isles is Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Corporate Agenda business advice service.

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"Earthscan is performing a really valuable public service by enabling us all to listen to some the world’s best sustainability consultants and to be able to ask them questions."

Rick Row, Sustainable Business Consultant

"Brilliant! I found the session to be informative and very relevant to current events. Keep up the good work." Nana Guar, Research Analyst, Sustainability Excellence

"Well timed, well chaired, well presented - smoothest webcast I've seen!" Deviah Aiama, Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada

"An excellent way of hearing about recent developments from leading thinkers in the field." Dr Sarah Dalrymple, Teaching Fellow in Ecology, University of Aberdeen

Source: Earthscan