Stainless Junior Collection from Alan Titchmarsh by Bulldog – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

These small, lightweight tools have shorter shafts and smaller heads making them ideal for working in confined areas, raised beds or for shorter gardeners or children.

The polished, stainless steel is easily cleaned and the forward tilting handles have a comfortable soft grip.

To review stand here the ATSSS Stainless Shrubbery Spade and the ATSSS Stainless Shrubbery Fork and I must say that, although I should not have been, I guess, seeing those are Bulldog tools, more than amazed as to the quality of this spade and fork.

The fork and the spade are the best balanced ones that I have, so far, ever encountered and they are an absolute pleasure to use. They are as balanced as they should be but rarely do we find that spades and forks are properly balanced today. The spade, to my great surprise, comes actually with a sharpened ground edge, which is something rarely seen nowadays too.

The spade and fork both handle like a dream and are, and that is where they were in fact designed for, ideal for children and young people to introduce them to serious gardening. Adult tools – per se – are too large for them to use them comfortably and safely while many children's and junior gardening tools just are more gimmicks than anything.

They are also brilliant for use in, as said in the beginning, confined areas, raised beds, etc., making them ideal companions also for those of use who do their vegetable gardening in raised beds and primarily containers of sorts.

Those tools have been developed by Bulldog together with Alan Titchmarsh and this cooperation really has brought out some brilliant tools, and brilliant not just because of the mirror polished stainless steel and I can definitely endorse those tools.

These are yet some more great products from the Bulldog forge in Wigan. But then again quality has been synonymous with Bulldog for the last 230 years.

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