Putting your woollies on has always been a cost effective way to stay toasty and avoid spiralling central heating costs. Now, thanks to a new innovation from Second Nature UK Ltd, our homes can also benefit from this traditional keep-warm classic.

Edenbloc35 is a new type of rigid insulation made predominantly from recycled wool and can be used in many internal situations, including wall lining, between rafters and timber studs and under rafters. The first product of its kind available in this country, Edenbloc35 offers distinct benefits to the energy and eco conscious homeowner.

As well as contributing towards sizeable energy savings, up to £250 worth a year, Edenbloc35 also actually locks up CO2 within its fibres. When paired with the CO2 reductions that result from the reduced energy consumption Edenbloc35 facilitates, it’s climate change credentials are clear and significantly out-perform those offered by wood based rigid insulation, the only other natural alternative on the market.

But it’s not just the effects of this woolly warmer that impress – the product itself will prove popular with homeowners keen to keep things green. Edenbloc35 uses an entirely natural biopolymer system to bind the product together, eliminating the need for synthetic components that may otherwise render the product difficult to dispose of at the end of its life. Edenbloc35‘s, natural composition means it can be safely composted.

Additionally, the natural fibre content of Edenbloc35 means the product ‘breathes’, allowing it to react to fluctuating humidity levels without losing any of its thermal performance – a feature beneficial to older properties in particular. The natural protein fibres in EdenBloc35 boards also absorb and ‘fix’ airborne pollutants helping to create a happier, healthier home environment.

Second Nature‘s Commercial Director Mark Lynn feels the product bridges an important gap for homeowners looking to choose natural solutions for their properties. He comments: “For many, rigid insulation is an important component of maximising thermal efficiency in a home. Until now however, the only natural products available have dragged behind synthetic alternatives when it comes to performance. Not anymore.

“With this new generation of wool based rigid insulation we are finally presenting people with a natural, effective alternative. Hopefully this in another step in bringing natural fibre insulation products closer to mainstream acceptance and to getting them the recognition they deserve.”

For further information on Edenbloc35 or other insulation products from Second Nature UK Ltd, please visit www.secondnatureuk.com or email info@secondnatureuk.com.

Source: Choice PR for Second Nature UK Ltd