New Giant Spade Breaks World Record

The world's largest spade has been built by British manufacturer, Bulldog Tools to celebrate its 230 year anniversary. The spade weighs approximately 180KG (28st 4.8lb), stands at 3.610 metres (11'8'') height, has a blade of 598mm (23 ½”) wide and took 160 man hours to put together. It beats the former world's largest spade by 500mm in height and has been verified by Guinness World Records.

Assembled in Wigan, the spade is a testament to the capabilities of those who work at the Bulldog factory, the last working forge in the UK.

Fred Foot, Marketing Manager at Bulldog Tools commented: “This project was all about celebrating British manufacturing and showcasing our heritage. The giant spade marks 230 years of trading for Bulldog Tools, an achievement of which we are all very proud.”

Bulldog Tools, based in Wigan, has manufactured spades and forks of outstanding quality for 230 years.

Using skilled craftsmen with generations of experience, Bulldog Tools has maintained its ability to create products of the highest standards.

The Bulldog Tools factory is the only full time working forge still making spades and forks within the UK, producing over 2000 garden and contractors tools every day. Bulldog Tools is proud to be British.

Currently employing 65 people, Bulldog Tools is part of and helps support the local Wigan economy.