Headline hitting new vegetable on sale to home gardeners

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

THE announcement earlier that a UK supermarket will be selling the first new vegetable for almost ten years is sure to be seen as good news by veggie lovers keen to try new things.

But that news is even better for home gardeners who will be able to grow crops of the new flower-like Brussels sprouts for a fraction of the price.

High street retailer Marks & Spencer has hit the headlines with the news they will be stocking the new variety that they have dubbed the “flower sprout”.

But gardeners have been able to buy seeds to grow their own Petit Posy brassicas since the latest Thompson & Morgan seed catalog was released in September 2010.

Both Petit Posy and the flower sprout are a unique new variety that is a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts to produce this brand new vegetable.

Shoppers will pay £1.99 for 160g of the flower sprout, but could produce enough to last up to five month with a packet of seeds costing just £2.99 from T&M – great news for a cash-strapped Britain that is turning its back on shop bought vegetables in favor of growing at home or the allotment.

Gardeners have already shown their enthusiasm for Petit Posy and it is currently one of the best-sellers at T&M in the sprout category.

Petit Posy is similar in appearance to both Brussels sprouts and kale but the flavor and nutritional content is very similar to spring greens – perfect for fussy eaters who don't enjoy sprouts!

Seriously, there are people who do not like sprouts. I cannot understand why and how but...

The loose buttons are easy to pick off the stems and are perfect for adding to stir fries, serving steamed or microwaved and make very nutritious winter greens.

Extremely winter-hardy, Petit Posy can be sown from late March through to early June and will provide delicious crops from mid-November and into the New Year.

This is obviously good news to all of us who want some greens to have throughout the winter season.

So far, unfortunately, I have not had an occasion to try this new vegetable but having been “issued” with a sample package of he seeds I will be starting some plugs off rather soon and when the first harvest comes we shall, hopefulness, revisit this vegetable.

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