The Thingamadig from Lakeland – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Thingamadig; does more than just dig.
Lakeland Ref: 50555 Price 5.44 GBP

Made in China from high grade stainless steel with a comfort grip molded PR handle. Works left-handed, right-handed, upwards and downwards.

The Thingamadig's curved scoop and sharp, pointed tip makes it ideal fore digging, troweling, furrowing, weeding, scooping and cutting. The tool has saw teeth on both sides that enable to cutting of compost and fertilizer bags as well as roots, etc.

This is one of those tools that you did not know you'd need until you actually get your hands on one of them and use it.

I have found it to be ideal for scooping out compost out of the bags. Far better than a trowel and superior even to a scoop, per se, and that aside from the fact that the serrated teeth allow for the opening of the compost bag without having to look for a knife.

The Thingamadig also digs extremely well and performs a vast number of different digging tasks with ease. The handle is comfortable and the tool a pleasure to use.

Another great gardening product from Lakeland and is found in the current “out of the kitchen” catalog on page 35.

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