Solar Shed Light from Lakeland – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Solar Shed Light
Made by Smart Solar
Lakeland Ref: 51018 Price: 24.95 GBP

Put and end to things going bump in the night. Shed light onto the subject with the solar powered shed light available from Lakeland.

Solar lights, while not cheap to buy, will give you free light and this light is a great idea for sheds, garages and even, if you leave the solar panel on a window sill to charge during daylight hours, as a kind of emergency light for the home. In the latter instance you don't affix anything to anywhere, though.

Turning the unit on can be done from a distance as it comes with a remote control that does seem to work well.

The initial charge required to get the batteries working properly is something in the region of, so I understand, 48 hours and this I certainly found out.

This light is great for garden sheds, regardless where they are positioned in the garden, as no electric cables have to be run, and especially for sheds and chalets on allotments; for garages, barns, greenhouses and workshops.

After charging, which took and while and I began to think that something was amiss with the light itself, the unit works very well and the ten little LEDs, which I assume to be in the region of 1/2 watt each give great light.

The instructions is what really and truly let this product down, though, and that rather severely.

Were I not someone very well versed with electrical and electronic stuff I think I might have found it very difficult indeed to put this light together, that is to say to join the cable from the solar panel to the light in order to charge it. It took me a while to figure out how the cable was to be joined and anyone who is a total novice at this could be severely at a loss.

The instructions need to be looked at and improved. Also, not everyone can understand hieroglyphics employed in the instructions. Whichever way, though, instructions are needed as to how to put the cables together, I am sure. I can see many folks not being able to figure out as to how to but them together. Just some thought for the makers.

Aside from that this is a great idea and a very useful light for a great number of applications.

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