Prescription for REAL Healthcare Reform – Book Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

by Howard Dean, MD
with Igor Volsky and Faiz Shakir
Published by Chelsea Green Publishing June 2009
ISBN 978-1-60358-228-5
Paperback 140+ pages Price USD 12.95

It is absolutely amazing what a disaster the current US “Healthcare”system actually is and it is even more astounding that so many people, especially in the conservative (Republican) camp do not seem to get it, even those of the poor level..

In many places I read of them ranting and raving against the national health care system proposed by President Obama and his team. They cite the British National Health Service making out that it is extremely bad without having any real knowledge of the NHS whatsoever.

I am in Britian and Ii thank the g-ds each and every time when I hear about the problems people have in America paying for medical care that I live here. Thanks!

The only people who win in the US health insurance system – or should we better call is scam instead of system – are the insurers and not those are depend on the insurance. Good for Howard Dean to point this out so clearly in his book. One can but wish and hope that people will read his book and understand what he is saying.

Howard Dean makes a great point for a proper health care system in the United States, one that actually benefits the people, all the people. Such a system is about time too.

With the recent issue of the Health Care Plan and Bill put forward by the Obama administration the opponents – the g-ds only know why but I guess we can make and educated one, guess that is – of this bill are still talking about how bad such a socialist – it is not just by socialists – and where do they get that idea from – health care system, the National Health Service (NHS), supposedly is in Britain.

Claims have been made in this connection that if you have cancer in Britain you will die under the NHS. Such claims are nothing but lies perpetrated by people with a hidden agenda. The British NHS has the finest cancer hospitals and a great majority of them world leaders in the field.

While the British NHS is not perfect and many of us moan about it and waiting lists for hospital treatment and such it is a good service and one that is not very expensive.

America would do well to adopt a similar system to the UK or Canada, for it works and has worked ever since its inception, when Bevin launched it.

No political party in the UK would dare to touch the NHS, not one of them, whether right or left of the political spectrum, for the NHS is – basically – loved by the people.

Maybe readers would like top consider as to why so many people from all over the world try to come to Britain to be treated in the NHS hospitals. I am sue it is not because the service is a bad one. They come here because we have some of the best doctors working in the NHS and the treatment is free.

From what I have so far seen and understood of the Obama Health Care Bill it will not replicate the same health insurance system as in Britain or Canada where health care will be affordable for all paid for via deductions from the paycheck.

As Howard Dean makes the case to employers for instance this kind of all inclusive health care via insurance where everyone pays into from the paycheck – as is also found in most other EU member states – is also much kinder on the pockets of employers.

I must say that I am always amazed that most Americans do not seem to get this fact at all.

The scream is always as to “socialized” medicine though that they presently have is, on the other hand, only something that benefits the insurance companies and the doctors but not the people.

This is a fact that is clearly demonstrated throughout this book by Howard Dean and his co-authors and we can but hope that this book finds many readers and that those who read and understand the message will find a way to communicate the truths contained herein to anyone and everyone that they know. Thus American and the Americans may one day have a health care system that really does them justice.

Most recommendable book.

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