Lakeland “Kitchen Ideas” Autumn 09 Catalog – Preview

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

A couple of days ago the latest Lakeland catalog, the autumn 09 “kitchen ideas”, dropped through my letterbox and onto my doormat where, however, it did not lay dormant for long.

This latest catalog is jam-packed with over 200 brand new ideas for your kitchen and those that aim at living a greener lifestyle and are interested especially at this time of year in preserving the harvest of their home gardens and allotments will certainly find everything that they will wish for, from jam makers to the jars in which to can the jam and other produce.

The original Kilner jars are back with a vengeance and it is good to see them again. It was about time for this comeback as more and more people are interested in growing their own food and obviously wish for a decent way to preserve such produce, and canning is one great way to do this and for this canning jars are needed.

You will also find some great recipes within the pages of the catalog, including a great one for blackberry & apple jam on page 9.

Further you will find great tools for baking your own cakes and bread and great to see is also the revival of enamel ware. It would appear that the old days are back in one way or the other. People are looking for the home comforts again, especially during times such as the current ones when things look gloomy.

Cast iron too is back on the agenda and this is good to see as well. Cast iron is, probably, the best and greenest way to cook food as it is simply iron without anything added, so to speak. On page 50 of the catalog you will find a cast iron divided griddle that looks very well in the picture (maybe I can get a sample for review) and much like the Wagner ones that I used on a daily basis, though not divided ones. I haven't got one, as yet.

When it comes to green life there are also some interesting tools that work without electricity, such as the Chopper Storer and the Chef'n Veggiechop; both found on page 104 of the catalog.

In addition there are lots of products for food storage, so that we can keep our produce and especially our leftover fresh for use. And those containers are also great for the BYO lunches for work and school.

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