National Green Energy Council Endorses Their First Green Apparel Company

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

SAN FRANCISCO, July 2009 | The San Francisco Bay Area, recently voted one of the “greenest” areas in the nation, is also the home of the National Green Energy Council’s newest endorsement. The environmentally respectful t-shirt line, A Lot To Say, Inc., has just been given an exclusive and unprecedented endorsement from the notable non-profit organization.

The National Green Energy Council (GEC) – not to be confused with the other GEC – is one of the largest and most distinguished non-profit organizations committed to educating adults and children about the importance of energy efficiency, environmental awareness, global warming and the responsibilities that we bear in order to save our planet and our future.

Some of their ambassadors include: Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Rudy Giuliani, Ted Turner and Mariel Hemingway.

Green Energy Council President and CEO, Ralph Avallone notes: “In a time where green awareness is imperative but not always followed, we find a lot of fact and fiction between what is really green and helpful to the planet, and what we call ‘green washers’ - not actually green. Our program only gives endorsements to truly outstanding green technologies such as the A Lot To Say, Inc. apparel brand. They are making a difference by educating children and the public through their message and manufacturing process. Their shirts are the ultimate in environmental wear because of these distinctions, and because they are made and manufactured here in the USA with a portion of all profits going directly back into reversing the effects of global warming. This product absolutely stands head and shoulders above its competitors and previous technologies."

The endorsement of “manufactured in the USA” is certainly something that we all can and should endorse, or, if we are not in the USA then “manufactured wherever I live” kind of. Though, even though I may be based in the UK, I would rather take “made in USA” over “made in China” if I cannot have it “made in Britain” or “made in Germany”, “made in France”, for instance.

A Lot To Say, Inc. co-founders and sisters Jennifer Stanich Banmiller and Alison Stanich Power said in response to the coveted endorsement: “We are both pleased and honored by this endorsement from such a well-known and respected national organization. It’s been our goal to create messages of substance on products using the greenest applications possible. It proves that we can make popular products with great messages using responsible technologies.”

Here are the facts:

  • The garments are made from recycled plastic bottles instead of harvested and processed raw materials, which helps conserve our planets limited resources while also removing material from our landfills.
  • The shirts are colored and printed with a revolutionary AirDye? process so it uses NO water. Dying one basic t-shirt takes approximately 15-25 gallons of water, which is often taken from critically scarce sources and released back into the environment after being polluted with the dye products. A Lot to Say, Inc.’s sustainable option replaces the traditional dye and print process with an AirDye? method, which uses NO WATER, requires 70% LESS energy and produces NO hazardous by-products.
  • This revolutionary process reduces water consumption by up to 95%, energy consumption up to 86%, green house emissions by up to 84% and eliminates PVS products by 100% (PVS is a highly carcinogenic plastic with a lifespan of hundreds of years which inhabits landfills for generations).
  • All of the t-shirts are made in the USA, meaning no sweatshop labor.
  • The entire line demonstrates sustainability on all fronts—from what it’s made of and how it’s made, to the longevity of the product and the cost of the shirt (a fraction of what you’d see it for in retail).
The environmental savings are remarkable. For every 25,000 t-shirts sold, the planet will save:
  • Energy – 1,132,500 MJ (mega-joules)
  • Water – 157,500 gallons
  • Green House Emissions – 57,500 (kg CO2 equiv. Emissions)
Aside from being environmentally conscious, these cult status t-shirts are chic and stylish and everyone from Hollywood Blvd. to Haight St. are being seen in them.

To purchase these t-shirts and help reverse global warming, go to Every sale counts! Even something as simple as buying a shirt and spreading the message will help you do your part.

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