Ecogear’s New Line Of Rugged Yet Sleek Bags Are A Class All Of Their Own

New Genus Line Combines Form, Function, And Eco-Friendly Materials To Make For The Ultimate Bag

You’re hiking up a great mountain, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and everything about you is one with nature…everything except that horrible toxic backpack you’re carrying. Luckily, for those in search of a smarter product, Ecogear has come up with Genus, the stylish eco-friendly line of accessories that are tough enough to handle any hike, run, or walk without being tough on the environment. They are unlike any other product on the market and are guaranteed to become your new favorite accessory anywhere you go.

Genus is composed of rugged, yet stylish backpacks and messenger bags that are perfect for anything from a company board meeting, to a trip to the beach, and everything in between. Made from a special material called Ecoweave (Ecogear’s patented PVC-free, harm-free coating), these bags are made with sustainable components and toxic-free dyes, making for completely environmentally-conscious and safe products. They are perfect for the person who loves the outdoors and wants their purchases to reflect that.

“Genus is defined as a class or group,” said Ecogear owner Jimmy Chen. “We named these bags Genus because we think they are in a group all of their own. No other eco-friendly product is compatible enough to accompany you on a climb up a treacherous mountain, and stylish enough to act as a briefcase in the office. They are versatile, trendy, and best of all they are not harmful to the environment. We are very proud of this product, and hope everyone loves it as much as we do.”

This line has five different styles to choose from with options ranging from designs like Snow Leopard with pockets and varied components, to the simpler Mohave Tui suited for everyday use. Bags come in a wide variety of colors including sporty color combinations as well as more professional all-black exteriors. They promise the full functionality of other bags, with the additional bonus of safe and eco-friendly materials. They retail starting at $39.99 and can be purchased on the Ecogear e-commerce site.

Ecogear was founded in 2006 by Jimmy Chen. Inspired by a family vacation and quality time with his children, Jimmy decided he wanted to work towards a cleaner world. Since then, Ecogear has worked to produce high-quality, stylish, eco-friendly bags for people everywhere, as the hope for a healthier environment affects us all.

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